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Barnett Predator 18035 Crossbow Package Review

Anyone interested in archery or hunting with a crossbow will really appreciate the powerful Barnett Predator 18035 Crossbow Package. Known for innovative products, Barnett has designed a crossbow that focuses on durability, performance and power. The Predator crossbow is the first patented crossbow with a shoot-through foot stirrup and is a perfect crossbow for hunting and target shooting. This crossbow is lightweight offers a pistol-type grip, has an adjustable stock and cheek piece and … [Read More...]

Barnett 18028 RC-150 Crossbow Package

Barnett 18028 RC-150 Crossbow Package Review

Accurate and powerful enough for experienced hunters, the Barnett 18028 RC-150 Crossbow Package is also the perfect hunter’s tool for target-practice beginners. The RC-150 meets the variable needs of those seeking a lightweight, adjustable rear stock, or traditional and proven straight limbs. Hunters looking for a firm yet powerful grip will not be disappointed in this crossbow. This crossbow comes with an adjustable rear stock, is scope-ready, has a quad limb design, synthetic cable system and … [Read More...]

Horton Vision 175 Crossbow

Horton Vision 175 Crossbow Reviews

The Horton Vision 175 Crossbow package contains the Vision 175 crossbow, a 4x32 lighted reticle scope, the Hunter Elite 3-arrow quiver, a cocking sled, and 3 arrows with practice points. Known for the Vision exceptional balance needed for optimum accuracy hunters will improve their accuracy using the proven CNC machined aircraft grade riser and reverse draw limbs. This particular crossbow is known to be the most compact high performance crossbow on the market today. The proprietary Frontal … [Read More...]

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Recurve Crossbow

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Recurve Crossbow Reviews

Designed to include everything a first-time hunter would need to start shooting, the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Recurve Crossbow also contains all the essentials for the crossbow veteran to appreciate having all the lightweight alternatives at his or her disposal. The package features 175-lb recurve crossbow with compression fiberglass limbs, premium 3-dot multi-range sight, and detach quiver with 4 arrows. An affordable and popular package for the well-equipped hunter that includes extras … [Read More...]